How do UBIAVIS cameras work?

Learning how to use the UBIAVIS cameras is very easy. You should only manage some buttons and indicators that allow you to perform certain actions for your best comfort.
Below are the functionalities of each option:

PAN Its function is to move the camera from left to right.
ZOOM With the ZOOM you can zoom in and out of the camera.
FOCUS You can use FOCUS to clarify the image definition at different distances.
IRIS The iris is used to maintain an optimal light level in the image so that they are sharper and clearer.
BRIGHTNESS Its function is to adjust the brightness of the image you are observing.
TILT Manipulate this to move the camera vertically.
HOME When you select this option, you will leave the camera in its home position.
CTRL PANEL Selecting this option opens a window with options:
  • Auto focus: Automatically arranges the focus of the camera.
  • Auto iris: Automatically arranges the iris of the camera.
  • Backlight comp: Changes background illumination.
  • Navigation mode: It has two navigation modes to operate the camera.
  • IR cut filter: It is used for capturing images with colors for the most realistic possible.
VIEW SIZE You can adjust the camera view in proportion to your browser.
SNAPSHOT Get a picture of what you are seeing on the camera.
STREAM PROFILE This option will display the list of profiles to display the camera. Select the one that best suits your needs.
HELP If you need additional information, you can consult the HELP section.